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Moving your server hardware and network equipment into a new datacenter might seem like a daunting task. This is understandably so, as service interruptions and excessive downtime are something no organization can afford. Consulting with a firm whose sole focus is assuring a successful migration can alleviate those concerns through sound planning and execution that makes sure your transition is as smooth as possible.

With You Every Step of the Way

The Milwaukee Colo staff will work closely with your team to coordinate the move that gets you out of your current situation and into our Wisconsin datacenter. Whether you are moving out of your compact data room or from another colocation facility, we walk with you through every step of this critical process to ensure that your migration is executed seamlessly. It is all made possible by a fail-proof strategy developed by our team of colocation experts:

  • Project Plan Coordination – Getting your IT systems into a more secure environment starts with the planned coordination of your migration project. Our team creates a comprehensive plan that accounts for your existing IT environment and migration objectives. From there, we map out a blueprint and time line for accomplishing those objectives.
  • Risk Analysis – The Milwaukee Colo colocation experts will work with your IT staff to help identify any risks that may be associated with the migration project. Moving your systems into a secure datacenter is a wise decision, but our experts leave nothing to chance. Once risks have been identified, we then help you assess and prioritize those risks to mitigate them before proceeding with the migration.
  • Migration Execution – The next step is ensuring that the move to our Wisconsin datacenter is a success. It is through a tandem effort between our experts and your staff that the actual migration is executed. Simply ship your equipment to our parent company CyberLynk, and we handle the rest from there. The CyberLynk team unpacks your server hardware, routers, switches and other equipment, then installs and configures it free of charge. There is no need for you to even make the trip to our facility.

At Milwaukee Colo, our goal is to quickly and efficiently migrate your IT systems while you and your staff continue to tend to the core objectives of your business. By choosing us as your colocation partner, you will be removing a huge part of the datacenter migration hurdles many organizations are facing today.

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