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Infrastructure as a Service

Say good bye to capital expenses
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CyberLynk utilizes high end Cisco equipment through out our network and we can design, provision and manage a private cloud network dedicated to your needs. If you just want to rent the hardware and manage the equipment yourself we can do that too. Many of our customers have a need for a high end 1Gbps and 10Gbps network and our engineers can work with you to build a network that meets the needs of your company.
Capital expenses are a thing of past for start-ups and companies that realize owning equipment is expensive due to the fast paced development of networking and server manufacturers. Let Cyberlynk carry the burden of owning and maintaining the networking and server hardware while you enjoy the network of your dreams. Devops around the world use our Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering to design a world class network and server environment to deploy their software on top of. Have a sketch on a napkin or maybe a polished Visio diagram? Send it over and we will provide a quote.

Partial Listing of Cisco Options

Dedicated Cisco ASA 5506-X Firewall

Dedicated Cisco ASA 5516-X Firewall

Dedicated Cisco ASA 5545-X Firewall

Dedicated Cisco ASA 5585-X Firewall

Dedicated Cisco 3750-X 48 Port 1Gbps Ethernet Switch

Dedicated Cisco 3850-X 24 Port 10G Fiber Switch

Self-Managed and Fully Managed Options

Need a different model for your design? Visit and send us the model numbers with the network diagram you would like built.
CyberLynk engineers will review your design and provide feedback to ensure your design is going to accomplish the goals you have in mind. If you want to have a conference call to discuss any of these options our engineers are available to discuss your requirements. Simply email and we will contact you to schedule a call.

Infrastructure as a Service has never been so simple!

Contact us with a description of what you are trying to accomplish and we will provide a solution.

Migration Services

Colocation should not be complicated! Our contracts are month-to-month, we offer FREE remote hands, FREE cross connects along with a simple pricing model. We will even rack your equipment for FREE. Need help configuring your equipment? No problem! Our engineers are here to help.

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Have a network design or business model in mind but not interested in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware/software? Share your requirements with us and we will provide all of the infrastructure to build your business on. Turn your capital expenses into monthly operating expenses.

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Full Service Colo Provider

CyberLynk has highly skilled linux, windows, mac and cisco engineers that can solve any problem you might have. Besides colocation we also offer website/email hosting, spam/virus filtering, offsite backup, IT consulting, VPS Hosting, dedicated servers, hosted phone systems and much more.

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Professional Services

Too busy? Need additional help? Cyberlynk’s highly skilled engineers are always available to schedule the tasks you need help with via our Professional Services. Never again do you have worry about being down for extended periods of time or not having the skill sets required to accomplish your goals.

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Have questions? Need a quote?

Whether you are an experienced network engineer or just gathering information to colo your first server our highly skilled staff can walk you through the whole process. Email or call us at 1-800-862-5965

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