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How can I get my equipment to your hosting facilities?

You can either ship the equipment to us by any courier company or by prior arrangement you can bring and install the equipment. Prior to installing/sending your equipment to us we will issue you with your assigned IP address(es) so you can pre-configure your equipment. CyberLynk offers free racking and initial configuration of equipment for new customers.

How is datacenter access controlled?

CyberLynk allows for 24/7 escorted access to the datacenter. To gain access to the datacenter you will need to open a support 30 minutes before you need access to the datacenter. An engineer will then let you into the datacenter and assist if needed.

What if I need more IP’s, bandwidth, power, etc?

Simply send an email to and provide detailed information on what you are looking for. One of our sales engineers will respond with your options and pricing.

When will I be invoiced?

CyberLynk invoices are generated roughly (7) days before the first of the month. That invoice is for that full month. If you have a credit card on file we will automatically charged your card on the 1st and send you a receipt with an invoice marked paid.

All invoices and receipts are sent via email with a PDF attachment.

Why is the contract term month-to-month?

Our contract is month-to-month with a 30 day termination notice for standard pricing from our website. We do offer discounts for signing a longer term contract. We believe in providing quality service while not needing to lock you into a long term agreement.

What does the Free Remote Hands include?

CyberLynk offers FREE remote hands for simple issues like powering up a server, replacing hard drives, hooking a monitor up to capture an error message and other tasks that take less then 20 minutes to perform. CyberLynk employs highly skilled and certified engineers that can assist with technical needs you may have.

How do I view my network graphs?

The network graphs are a part of the billing client portal interface. This is the same area that has your invoice/billing information. Under the “Services -> My Services” section there will be a list of all your services. When you view the details of your colocation service you will see tabs for the Network Graphing.

What if I need to reboot a server?

You can reboot your servers via our client portal or you can open a support ticket by sending an email to with specific instructions. If you open a support ticket a CyberLynk engineer will connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard to the server before rebooting and they will update the ticket with the status of the server and reboot operation.

What are CyberLynk’s responsibilities if I choose to colocate with you?

CyberLynk’s responsibilities are: Power, Security and Network connectivity. Currently we are offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee on network connectivity and 100% security guarantee. CyberLynk also offer remote hands and in most cases you will not be charged.

How soon can you get my server(s) online?

Your server(s) will be online the same day it arrives on our receiving dock.

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