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The Milwaukee Colo Advantage

Not Your Average Datacenter!

When entering an agreement with Milwaukee Colo, the advantages you get extend far beyond general benefits. CyberLynk was started in 1995 and we know the heart aches colocation can cause. From expensive cross connect fees to the datacenter not offering any help when you are moving in. At Milwaukee Colo we offer all of the things you wished a datacenter would offer to make the experience more enjoyable not to mention cost effective.
Whether you are new to colocation or you are an experience veteran our engineers and service offering will make the whole experience simple from start to finish. We provide everything you need to get up and running quickly without breaking the bank. We have literally covered every situation and have answer for all of your questions.

Quoting Process

Straight-forward pricing structure

All of our pricing is published on our website but from time to time customers have questions or needs that do not fit into our standard offering. Since colocation is highly customize-able feel free to call, email or use our quote request tool. If you are local we would love to give you a tour and have conversation if you are interested.

Agreements & Provisioning

Month-To-Month Agreement

All CyberLynk colocation agreements are month-to-month. Agreements normally take 24-48 hours to be generated. Once the agreements are signed and returned to CyberLynk your colocation space and IP addressing will be provisioned within 24 hours. Then we can schedule the move in date.

Move in Day

The greatest day of your life!

CyberLynk engineers will be available to help with the move in whole process including the racking of equipment at no additional cost. All of the power and ethernet cables are included at no additional cost to you. We provide all of tools, crash carts, label makers, Velcro and MUCH MORE! Forgot something? We have you covered too.

Milwaukee Colocation Features

Tired of being nickled and dimed to death for colocation? We hear you loud and clear!

Free Racking & Setup

At no additional cost CyberLynk engineers will rack your equipment up for free. This eliminates you having to fly out to simply mount the servers in the rack.

Simple Pricing Structure

Unlike other colocation service providers, we do not force you into a contract that makes you pay for more space than you require. Our arrangement lets you pay for the exact amount of space your equipment needs.

Secure Cabinet & Location

Our secure facility is monitored 24×7 by camera. The building and your cabinet is secure with RFID key fob access. Our datacenter is a building within a building with multiple layers of security.

Quick Installation

Thanks to our parent company CyberLynk, we are able to ensure a fast and easy installation of your equipment. In fact, we offer same-day installations to get your IT systems up and running in a flash. Multiple cabinet orders can be provisioned in 24-48 hours.

Quality Bandwidth

Our Milwaukee, WI datacenter has ATT, Cogent, Level3, NTT and Spectrum Internet bandwidth utilizing BGP routing to ensure access to your servers is fast and reliable. Some colocation companies offer carrier-specific services that leave you tied into a single provider. In contrast, we offer a carrier neutral service that utilizes BGP routing to ensure the shortest path from end to end from multiple industry-leading bandwidth providers, ensuring lightning fast access and top notch performance.

More Than Enough Space

Our colocation space is available in increments of 1U, 12U, 24U, and full 48U cabinets. We have more than enough space to fill any size order!

Tools & Crash Carts Provided

Screw drivers, wrenches, hammers, velrco, label makers, screws, cage nuts, cable testers, multiple crash carts (USB keyboard/mouse/monitor) are just a few of the items that we provide within the datacenter for your use while you are here.

Free Remote Hands

Whether you live close to the datacenter or 2000 miles away our highly skilled engineers are always available to perform almost any task you need. The first 15 minutes are free. So reboots, drive swaps, etc are free. OS reinstall, advanced troubeshooting, firewall configuration, etc are usually billable professional services.

IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing

CyberLynk offers both IPv4 & IPv6 addressing.

UPS & Generator Backup Power

Everything in the datacenter is powered off large APC/Schneider Electric UPS systems which are backed up by diesel and natural gas generators. All UPS and Generator systems are automatically tested weekly/monthly and monthly maintenance is completed directly by the respective manufacturers.

24x7x365 Datacenter Access

All colocation customers will have 24x7x365 access to the datacenter and their equipment. CyberLynk engineers are also available while you are onsite in case you need assistance with anything.

Custom Solutions

CyberLynk offers a wide variety of services through our many hosting brands like Spam Filtering, Offsite Backup, Website/Email Hosting and much more.

Bandwidth Graphing

CyberLynk will provide FREE bandwidth graphs of your ethernet connection to our backbone. These graphs can be viewed via our Client Portal and are updated every 5 minutes.

Need Help?

CyberLynk has an answer for everything. Our certified engineers are always available to answer your questions via email, live chat or phone.

Secure Location

The building and your cabinet is secure with RFID key fob access. Our datacenter is a building within a building with multiple layers of security.

Optimal Bandwidth Commit Levels

CyberLynk can provide a 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps Internet connection with your colocation service. With five Internet providers in our Milwaukee datacenter your equipment will have very fast connections to the world.

No Hidden Fees

Fail to do your homework, and you could end up paying much more for your service than advertised. This is never the case with Milwaukee Colo, as we do not surprise you with any hidden fees or automatic overage charges.

Professional Engineers

CyberLynk engineers are certified and very knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. You can be assured that when you contract with CyberLynk your equipment and remote hands will be handled by professional engineers.

Free Power & Ethernet Cables

Never again will you need to buy a power cord or ethernet cable. CyberLynk provides them for FREE when used in our datacenter. Just ask one of our engineers and they while make sure you have everything you need. CyberLynk runs 208V power throughout the datacenter.

Free Cross Connects

Tired of paying for each cross connect you need to your colocation space? You should be. All cross connects to your cabinet are FREE. Never pay for an ethernet or fiber cross connect again. This includes PRI's.

APC PDU Included (FREE)

CyberLynk provides APC PDU's for use in your colo space for FREE. Other colo providers force you to provide your own. You will have full remote reboot capability with our PDU's via our client portal.

Server & Networking Parts Inventory

CyberLynk has an extensive parts cage where we keep spare parts to run all of our hosting brands. Since we have an extensive parts list we offer those parts to our customers when they are in need due to a failed hard drive, power supply, motherboard, switch, firewall, etc. While we might have the exact replacement part in stock we usually have something that will help you get your equipment back online when you need the most. vs Competition

Colocation has never been so simple!

Features Competition
Month-to-Month Contract
Straight Forward Pricing
NO Hidden Fees
Pricing Listed on Website
Certified Cisco, Windows, Linux, Mac Engineers on Staff
FREE Stuff
FREE PDU Included
FREE Racking of Equipment
FREE Cage Nuts & Screws
FREE Power Cables
FREE Ethernet Cables
FREE Cross Connects
FREE Remote Hands
Free Tools, Labelmakers, Crash Carts, Velcro, and MUCH MORE!

Have questions? Need a quote?

Whether you are an experienced network engineer or just gathering information to colo your first server our highly skilled staff can walk you through the whole process. Email or call us at 1-800-862-5965

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