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CyberLynk is the best choice for your colcoation needs. We have been in business since 1995 and we know what our customers want. Good pricing and Great service. CyberLynk provides both of these and we look forward to earning your business. Colocation is bundled differently from provider to provider so its important to make sure you’re actually getting what you want. CyberLynk does NOT have hidden fee’s and our service options are straight forward. We know whats it’s like to search for a good datacenter which is why our ‘Free Remote Hands’ option is unlike any in the marketplace today. If you already have colocation services with another provider you know how they charge you for every little task. CyberLynk will not do that. Our certified engineers will make sure your experience is the best in the industry.

Think our prices are high or don’t see the configuration your looking for? Let us help you compare apples to apples; contact us today to get a custom quote. CyberLynk will never nickel and dime you to death and unlike other colocation providers we provide you ONE monthly price and it never changes. Get a custom quote today.

Free Remote Hands Service Description

CyberLynk has built our company on the foundation of providing businesses with quality no hassle services. We are well aware of the over priced professional services that other datacenters charge for simple tasks like manual reboots, simple remote hands tasks and equipment inspection. Because of this we have a very simple and straight forward take on professional services.

If a customer needs a specific task performed and that task will take less than 15 minutes to perform we will not charge for it. CyberLynk will never nickel and dime our customers to death.

CyberLynk employs a wide variety of highly skilled and certified engineers that can help with hardware installations, router/switch configurations, Linux/Windows Operating Systems, SQL Servers/Databases, and much more.

Bandwidth and Data Transfer Pricing

Note that the term “bandwidth” is not the same as “data transfer”. There are two methods that colocation providers can use to bill for your data transfer or bandwidth. CyberLynk only uses ‘Fixed data rate billing’ so our customers know what their monthly invoice will be. This method helps your budget, billing predictability, performance, and scalability. CyberLynk does provide traffic graphs so you can see your overall traffic usage over time and plan for future expansion. Every colocation customers either gets connected to a 100Mbps or 1000Mbps switch port. Even though you’re not paying for 100Mbps or 1000Mbps, your allowed to burst past your allotted bandwidth. You will not be charged extra unless you’re over the limit on a consistent basis. CyberLynk will then contact you regarding the overages and discuss upgrade options. You also have the option for CyberLynk to place a rate limit on your connection. The methods are outlined below:

  • Usage based data transfer billing – you will be billed each month for the total number of gigabytes of data transfer used during the previous month. This is preferred if you need to start with a small budget, don’t mind a variable bill, and don’t know in advance how much bandwidth you need. This tends to be the most expensive option for high volume usage, but allows for you to start with a very small monthly minimum.
  • Fixed data rate billing – you will be billed each month in advance for a fixed maximum amount of bandwidth. You pay a fixed amount of money each month. Even though you’re not paying for 100Mbps or 1000Mbps, you’re allowed to burst past your allotted bandwidth. This method of bandwidth billing is preferred if you anticipate relatively steady bandwidth usage for services like voice-over-IP (VOIP) or media streaming, prefer to pay a fixed amount each month, and have a general idea of how much bandwidth you need.

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