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Managed Firewall

Milwaukee Colo Managed VPN Solutions

Organizations that are heavily dependent on IT cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to securing critical business operations. Security threats are more sophisticated than ever, now capable of taking down information systems for hours or days with very little effort. In fact, today’s exploits can result in the loss of data and literally cripple your entire IT infrastructure. If insecure network connections are your growing concern, it may be time to look into a managed VPN solution.

Secure Access to the Corporate Network

Hosted in our Wisconsin datacenter, Milwaukee Colo offers affordable managed VPN services that allow IT staffs to focus solely on core business initiatives, while we provide a secure way to access their IT infrastructure from virtually anywhere. Utilizing the most advanced security technologies available, we have extensive authentication procedures and policy controls in place to ensure that staff can securely access the corporate network, even if it is being accessed from unmanaged or unidentified devices.

Key Benefits of Managed VPN:

  • Design, implementation, monitoring and full management of the service
  • Instant access to corporate network resources via an internet connection and web browser from anywhere in the world
  • Extensive access controls to grant and restrict access to corporate resources
  • Scalable network that supports the growth of your business
  • Secure datacenter environment that enables your organization to meet regulatory compliance demands

Secure Access Has Never Been Easier

With our low-cost managed VPN solutions, there is no complex software to install or maintain on your internal systems. The only requirement of your IT staff is internet access and a standard web browser. By using a login ID and password, your employees will have complete access to all the resources on the corporate network based on the access controls you define.

The implementation of ASA Firewall solutions by Cisco enables us to protect your connection against viruses, hackers, and other exploits that pose a threat to corporate networks.

The Wisconsin Datacenter At Your Service

The skilled technicians in our Wisconsin datacenter perfectly complement your IT staff, providing 24/7 monitoring, technical support, and full management of the VPN service. Our affordable, flexible pricing plans eliminate the need for expensive capital investments traditionally associated with internally implemented enterprise-class virtual private networks. With our VPN solutions, smaller businesses are assured the enhanced performance, higher reliability and flexibility that major Fortune 500 companies enjoy, thanks to being able to leverage a service delivered in a world-class datacenter environment.

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