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iSCSI SAN Storage

iSCSI SAN Storage Solutions From Milwaukee Colo

From the office to the datacenter, many small and medium sized businesses are at a crossroads when it comes to data storage. They are at the point where traditional tape-based backups are no longer suitable for their needs, yet not quite ready for an enterprise-class backup solution. For organizations in this predicament, iSCSI SAN storage is the perfect go-between.

Why iSCSI?

Also known as IP SAN, iSCSI SAN is a type of storage facility that leverages Internet Small Computer System Interface protocol to connect and manage storage devices. This technology is such an excellent option for smaller businesses because of a cost effectiveness that makes its far less expensive than fibre channel switches and host bus adapters.

In past times, companies were forced in a position where they had to choose between price and compatibility. These days, they can opt for iSCSI SAN storage solutions that combine the performance and high availability of fibre channel SANs at a fraction of the cost.

Beyond Colocation Hosting

Though best known as a premiere colocation hosting provider, Milwaukee Colo also offers flexible iSCSI solutions to help organizations solve their storage needs. Our solutions provide a tremendous amount of capacity for expanding networks at a price that can be easily afforded on today’s restricted budgets.

Maintained in a Class A datacenter, our iSCSI SAN solutions offer a wealth of benefits, including the following:

  • More Than Enough Capacity – Milwaukee Colo provides capacity to comfortably suit the storage needs of your business. We give you more than enough to accommodate your current and growing demands as well.
  • Fast Deployment – Our datacenter environment is optimized to guarantee a fast deployment of your iSCSI SAN solution. There is no need to wait days, as we can have your storage facility up and running within a matter of minutes.
  • Data Security – Milwaukee Colo is committed to ensuring that our client’s mission-critical business data is secure. We take all the necessary measures to ensure data on our storage facilities is protected from hackers, malware and other security threats.
  • High Availability – Our iSCSI SAN devices are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. This means that you enjoy a high level of availability that makes excessive downtime a non-issue.

If only the most secure colocation facility and the best storage options will do, Milwaukee Colo has the solution for you. Contact us today to find out more about how our iSCSI SAN packages can help solve your storage dilemma.

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